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It is a central function of the Office of the Independent Assessor to educate councillors about the complaints process and to offer training and information to avoid them being the subject of complaints.

In many cases the OIA will partner with other organisations to develop guidelines to assist. We encourage all councillors to make use of these resources.

Councillor Conduct Tribunal and other decisions

The OIA will provide a synopsis on decisions of the Councillor Conduct Tribunal which may be useful in guiding councillors’ understanding of the standards being applied by the Tribunal.

Decisions of the Tribunal can also be appealed to Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal and these decisions may also be discussed as will other relevant decisions.

Management of Conflicts of Interest

Read our advice for declaring and managing some high risk categories of conflict of interest issues.

The Office of the Queensland Integrity Commission (QIC) and the Office of the Independent Assessor have developed a meeting aid and conflict of interest framework to assist councillors to make good decisions.

There is also an aid for councillors to determine Material Personal Interests and an aid to assist councilors to determine when they have a Duty to Report another councillor’s interest.

Social media guidelines for councillors

Comprehensive social media guidelines are now available for Queensland councillors to help manage their online presence.

The OIA and the Local Government Association of Queensland collaborated on the Your Social Media and You guide (PDF, 2.3MB) and the Queensland Councillor Social Media Community Guideline (PDF, 277KB).

Your Social Media and You guide discusses a councillor’s official, election and private social media pages, how the Councillor Code of Conduct applies, how to moderate comments and how to recognise and deal with posts which are public records.

The Queensland Councillor Social Media Community Guideline is for councillors to post, or link to, on their social media sites.

Register of Interests (PDF, 212KB)

Advice on how to manage risk areas relating to a councillor’s Register of Interests including a related person’s interests.

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