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A councillor conduct complaint can be made to the Independent Assessor in the following ways:

  • the online form
  • call 1300 620 722
  • email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • in person: Level 13, 53 Albert Street
  • Post: PO Box 15031
    CITY EAST QLD 4002

If a complaint is made recklessly or is known to be untrue, the complainant may be prosecuted under the amended Local Government Act 2009.

Complaints advice: Black Swan Lake

The Office of the Independent Assessor respects the right of people to complain about issues that are important to them and their communities.

In regards to Black Swan Lake complaints however please note that this office cannot investigate decisions of the council, or the environmental impacts of those decisions.

It can only investigate complaints about the conduct of individual councillors that are either inappropriate conduct or misconduct.

The OIA investigates matters to determine if a councillor has engaged in misconduct or inappropriate conduct, and if this conduct is substantiated either a local government or the Councillor Conduct Tribunal make a disciplinary order against a councillor.

Disciplinary orders include outcomes such as reprimand, requiring a councillor to engage in training or to make an apology. ( See Section 150AH or Section 150AR of the Local Government Act 2009).

Disciplinary orders do not include outcomes which challenge, amend or stop a council decision.

Complaints that are made vexatiously or frivolously may be prosecuted.

Other agencies should be contacted if your purpose in complaining is to challenge, question or seek to stop a council decision.

1300 620 722
Level 13
53 Albert Street

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